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A Beautiful Garden

When Ms. Edna announced her retirement after 32 years of service, a plan began to form. You see, Ms. Edna loves butterflies, and in fact had often referred to Clemmons Moravian Church Preschool as “the butterfly school.”  Combine that thought with the eye sore that was “the grassy mound” right outside of the preschool entrance way, and you can see how it was only logical what should happen next.  
Through the love of preschool families, teachers, church members, local businesses, and various other people donations of money, plants, benches, a tree, border, rock, and more was raised for the project.  The talented Tony Alexander took the concept and came up with a beautiful sketch of what the space will look like upon completion. Then with the extensive knowledge of the gardening crew coordinated by Rebecca Matthews, the concept became reality and the beauty is something to behold. Now the grassy mound is a beautiful children’s garden with butterfly attracting plants. 

On September 27t…

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