Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Garden Dedication

Today, our beautiful garden was dedicated to Ms. Edna. Thank you to everyone who attended today. Here are a few pictures from the lovely ceremony.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

New to Preschool? Here's how to help your child!

New School, New Adjustments 

For some children, Preschool is a huge moment in their lives! They are in a new environment with new people and new rules that they have to learn and adjust towards. In order to help your child transition into this whole new world, there are a couple of things you can do to help. 

First, please note that the faster the drop off typically the faster your child will settle down in their new rooms. If you walk your child in, we recommend you leave your child at the door with a quick hug and tell them you’ll be back soon. Building a routine where they can expect you to leave, then return in a consistent matter can help establish a healthy detachment and routine for your child. The truth is that leaving your child is usually harder on the parents than the child. Ideally let them see you leave happy too. Even if you are tearing up, try to not let your child see this. In truth it can actually cause your child to get more emotional. If your child believes you are ok (even if you are not!), then they will actually accept the change better. If they believe you are upset, this will distress them further and cause them more anxiety and worry. They will feel that if mom/dad are upset something must be wrong.  

Typically for most children, if they are crying upon drop off they will stop after a few minutes. The teachers will make every effort to encourage them to engage in an activity, with their peers, or even with the teacher herself. Often times, favorite toys, activities, or just a good snuggle will settle the anxiety your child feels and they start to feel comfortable in their new environment.  The teachers will make every effort to ensure your child settles in for a great day; however rest assured that if a problem occurs and the crying lasts longer than it should, the teacher will contact you. The last thing the teacher, the child, or the parents want is to have a miserable time!

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Beautiful Garden

When Ms. Edna announced her retirement after 32 years of service, a plan began to form. You see, Ms. Edna loves butterflies, and in fact had often referred to Clemmons Moravian Church Preschool as “the butterfly school.”  Combine that thought with the eye sore that was “the grassy mound” right outside of the preschool entrance way, and you can see how it was only logical what should happen next.  

Through the love of preschool families, teachers, church members, local businesses, and various other people donations of money, plants, benches, a tree, border, rock, and more was raised for the project.  The talented Tony Alexander took the concept and came up with a beautiful sketch of what the space will look like upon completion. Then with the extensive knowledge of the gardening crew coordinated by Rebecca Matthews, the concept became reality and the beauty is something to behold. Now the grassy mound is a beautiful children’s garden with butterfly attracting plants. 

On September 27th at 1:30pm, there will be one more piece of this garden planted. There will be a dedication ceremony to formally make the space “Ms. Edna’s Children’s Garden” and a statue will be placed in her honor. Everyone is welcome to attend and celebrate the beauty of our church grounds, the career of Ms. Edna, and the generosity of a community of people whom altogether made this project wonderful.

Garden Dedication

Today, our beautiful garden was dedicated to Ms. Edna. Thank you to everyone who attended today. Here are a few pictures from the lovely cer...